Controlling Articulated Robot using Flex Sensor and Gyroscope

The aim of this project is implementing a control method that making the user control Arm Robot through reading the motion of human hand and fingers by using two bending sensors and gyroscope. both of them attached to the glove that are used for hand motion recognition and finger bending detection.

Sensors play an important role in robotics system. in the control system, Sensors are used to capture the motion of human hand and its fingers. This designed work when user rotate his hands In a certain way or bend his fingers, both types of sensors send signal to the microcontroller, and the controller processes the data by using especial algorithm, after processing, the controller send a signal to the robot to perform the required movement.

the need of use gyroscope with flex sensor And vice versa, because it is difficult for gyroscope for controlling more than three link of robot. and use not more two Flex only in this project cause fingers of normal person’s cannot move Harmoniously, unlike fingers pianist or other.

Use both gyro and flex sensor instead of one of them makes the control of  arm robot easier with great degree of accuracy and repeatability.

the experiment from this project using our technique show the user how to making the arm robot pick object from desire point (5cm,10cm) and place it in goal point (5,14cm) in 10 second and 5mm error after 5 time of training.

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